Angelique & Victoria - No Introductions Necessary.-


Angelique knew that Victoria was becoming a little wary of her and so decided to change the story round a little bit, to prevent her being even more pushed away from her. She cleared her throat and smiled weakly. “That would have been tragically romantic wouldn’t it?” she asked quietly. “No… it didn’t work like that, the woman he loved left and went on to marry and aristocrat in London,” she lied smoothly, hoping to put Victoria at ease once and for all.

“Actually I believe she is doing very well for herself, has two beautiful children. I just wish that she had not left the turmoil she did behind.” She lied once more. She was very well aware just how alike Victoria and Josette looked, and this unnerved her a little, though to anyone else she wouldn’t admit it.

"I’m glad that she’s done well for herself, I’m sure she was a marvelous young woman." Victoria replied, believing Angelique’s lie rather quickly. "But as for the man, I’m truly sorry about his death. Suicide is a horrible thing, I could not imagine the pain both of you must have felt. Life can be cruel, but to have to resort to such a thing is disastrous." 

A Late Night Talk: Victoria and Doctor Hoffman



Julia grinned & nodded. “Thank you,” she sighed in relief. She was grateful that she would do this for her. She had never gotten much out of David & much about his mother. He always locked up & shut her out every single time she tried.

And whenever she was close to having him spill everything - he immediately stops talking & seems to be zoned out for a few moments. It confused her, & she needed someone else to do the work for now. She needed a break.

"You’re most welcome." The governess replied, smiling warmly in the doctor’s direction. Victoria wanted to know more about David as well, and she was curious about the young child.

"Have you worked with other children before or is David your first?"

"He’s Coming" Final Part : Josette and Victoria


As Victoria approached her, Josette felt her stomach turn inside her, and when she removed the sheet, she knew there was no going back now.

 The look in Josette’s eyes was serious, she had not been with Victoria for a few days and did not know how she would react to seeing her again. She needed to tell her Barnabas was coming, but was not sure how. She got herself together and softened the look in her eyes, then with one deep breath of hope she opened mouth.

"He’s coming." She said. Then she turned and started floating down the hall, hoping Victoria would follow her so she could lead her where she wanted.

Doing as Josette expected, Victoria followed her slowly down the long hallway. She was frightened, but was not sure if she had a good reason to be. The serious and steadiness in Josette’s voice had made her feel apprehensive. Most importantly, her words.

He’s coming.

Who was he? If there was a name, perhaps Victoria could research him. There were many books in Elizabeth’s study, and she remembered passing by the Collinsport Library to get to Collinwood. 

"He’s Coming" Final Part : Josette and Victoria


Josette had no idea what she would say or do once Victoria saw her, she only knew that she had to get Victoria to understand that Barnabas was coming. She would love to tell her that he was the reason why she brought her to Collinsport, but Josette did not even know if she would be able to say anything. I could give her a sign, Josette thought. I could lead her to the portrait downstairs and…Josette’s mind trailed off. Even if she did that she still would not know what to do after that.

She stood in the doorway, under the sheet, and watched Victoria move throughout the room. Josette was beginning wondered if she should try to get her attention or just wait until she spots her. Just as Josette was about to make some kind of noise, Victoria turned around and looked her right in the eyes.


They bought it. Victoria had never considered herself to be a liar, but she was desperate to have a new life with a new beginning. Sure the Collins family was slightly odd and dysfunctional, but wasn’t every family? Vicky’s certainly was. Victoria couldn’t help but admire Elizabeth’s strength. It was obvious that she was the rock of the family, being the strongest and keeping everyone together. 

Victoria also admired the sympathy towards David. By his age, she was already locked up in the asylum. It was a connection that she did not expect to have with the boy, seeing ghosts. She had not told him about Josette, in fear of revealing her secret too soon.

She was unpacking, still a bit frightened by the future. What if someone were to find her? The last place the doctors would look was in Collinsport. Doctor Hoffman seemed to be a bit skeptical, and the young governess prayed that she did not have any connections to the cruel human beings that worked in the asylum.

When she noticed something in the middle of the doorway, Victoria laughed. Surely David was up to one of his antics. He had pretended to be a ghost earlier. “David, you startled me. Getting ready for Halloween?” She asked, moving closer. It was when she noticed the eyes, that she realized it was Josette.

Taking off the sheet, she stared deeply and worriedly into the ghost’s eyes. 

Josette and Maggie Evans: You Can’t Repeat The Past


Josette smiled widely and shook her head playfully at the child’s rabbit-like behavior. So much energy and imagination. Josette thought to herself. She watched as Maggie hopped around the room and over to her closet. When Maggie pulled out her nightgown, admiring it, Josette felt as if she were looking at her self at that age. Every dress, new or old, Josette would twirl in front of a mirror with it, dreaming about all of the places she could go wearing it, so everybody could admire her and her dress.

She nodded in agreement about the beauty of the nightgown, but when asked what flowers reminded her of, Josette took her eyes away from the girl and thought very hard on the question. She had never thought about something like that before. Josette put her index to her chin, tapping it as she thought of an answer and how she would tell Maggie. Josette finally had it! Flowers reminded her of Maggie: delicate, beautiful, and full of life. Josette looked back at the girl with a grin, then pointed at her, mouthing the word ‘you’.

At first, Maggie could not make out what Josette was trying to say, but then it finally made sense. “Me?” She gasped, “Oh, thank you! I am not a flower, but I would like to be. Flower’s don’t have to worry about mean classmates or parents, and when you’re a flower, you can stay in the sunlight and blow in the wind. Both of those seem nice to me.”

"Just a second!" She called to Josette, running back into her closet to change into her nightgown. After she came back out, Maggie twirled around the room. "I am a pretty princess who has arrived at the ball! Those are my servants!" She pointed at a few of her dolls on the bed, before pointing at Josette. "And you are the queen!"

A Late Night Talk: Victoria and Doctor Hoffmana



Julia grinned, & turned to face you. She was excited that Vicky agreed, it would help Julia far more than just some appointments with her & David sitting in a room, giving each other awkward stares.

"Alright," Julia raised a brow, "Now, I need you to start talking to David more & more about his mother, & her-" she paused, "ghostly image.." She cleared her throat. "Basically I just need you to have David reveal more about his mother & such. Its a small favor, since you basically talk to him everyday." She sighed.

Victoria was relieved that the favor was nothing too drastic, but was still unsure about how David would react to her idea. She did not want to pressure the young boy, he was still trying to get over his mother’s death. Death and loss was a very difficult topic for Victoria. 

"I’ll do my best. I will take it slow with him, and wait until he’s most comfortable to speak. Besides Barnabas and his mother, it can sometimes be difficult to get him to talk about anything else." She laughed. 

Josette and Maggie Evans: You Can’t Repeat The Past




Josette smiled and nodded, then patted the blank space on the bed where she wanted Maggie to sit. It was getting later and the room was darker now. This lighting will never do for reading, Josette decided, making the lights turn on. There, this girl will go blind before she is twenty if she reads in that awful lighting. Josette looked back at Maggie and smiled, then opened the book to the first page.

They were not in there long before Maggie’s mother called her for dinner. Josette looked at the door then back at Maggie with an eyebrow raised and a slight grin. She knew Maggie didn’t want to leave and Josette didn’t want to leave either, after all they were having such a lovely time. But, Josette didn’t want her in the habit of disobeying her mother, although Josette didn’t care much for her parents either. It would not be long until she returned to the room; but to Josette it seemed like an eternity anyway, but, just like this afternoon and every other time before that, Josette would just sit and wait for her only friend to return to her.

By the time her mother called her for dinner, Maggie hadn’t even finished reading the first chapter to Josette. “Oh.” She said sadly and quietly in response to her mother’s calling. When Maggie was with Josette, she felt like she was in a world of her own. The voice of another only made her come back to reality.

"Coming!" Maggie shouted, frowning at Josette. "I’ll be back up soon, okay? Don’t leave me, you have to promise! I will try to be quick." Running downstairs, Maggie ate her dinner very quickly. No more than ten minutes passed before she went back upstairs. "My mom said that she’s getting concerned about my imagination. I hope she doesn’t make me see a doctor."

Josette made a ‘x’ shape over her heart, promising Maggie that she would be there when she returned.

When Maggie returned form her dinner, saying how her mother was concerned about her imagination, Josette could not help but fear for the child’s life. She would never forgive herself if Maggie had to be made to see a doctor and was treated as if she were some animal because of her. Just because some people do not understand others does not make them crazy or weird, especially if, what they do not understand, is a gift. And that is exactly what Maggie had, a gift to see and talk to the dead, without Maggie’s gift, Josette would still be a wondering lost soul. Josette hoped that it did not come the point where Maggie had to see a doctor, but if it did, Josette would be there to comfort her like she has been for years. Then Josette opened the book to where they had left off and continued reading and laughing until it was time for bed.

Maggie was afraid of her mother’s feelings, but tried to push that aside. This was her happy place, being with Josette had always made her feel understood and accepted. A friend that would never leave her, who would be by her side through thick and thin.

When the story was finished and it was time for bed, Maggie hopped into her closet to get her pajamas. “Look! I’m hopping like a bunny rabbit!” She giggled, taking out her nightgown and admiring it. “I have a very pretty nightgown, I like the flowers on it. Flowers are nice, they remind me of spring and happiness. What do flowers remind you of?” Even if she knew that it was difficult for Josette to respond to questions, she continued to ask them to make the ghost feel acknowledged and apart of things. 



I often romanticize about these types of train rides.

I want to look at this for forever



I often romanticize about these types of train rides.

I want to look at this for forever

(Source: para-quedas)

A Late Night Talk: Doctor Hoffman and Victoria



Julia glanced around the room in thought. She had always had appointments with David and his problems. She didn’t see a thing wrong with David. The family always saw him as a crazy, and delusional child.

Yes, he had good manners and such. But, he thought his mother was with him. He was a child, and Julia would of just thought it was his imagination. He lost his mother, what else would he do?

"David," she paused, "is doing better. Better than usual anyway." She looked back at Vicky, and bit her lip.

"You and David.." She trailed off, "seem to get along a lot better than I expected. Do you mind doing me a favor?" She asked sitting a bit straighter.

Vicky would be the perfect person to help Julia. Julia could figure out more and more about David. He never revealed much to her, but with Vicky he would probably spill everything out.

"A favor?" Vicky asked, becoming a bit suspicious. She hadn’t known Julia for very long, and was a bit nervous. Still, it couldn’t be anything too drastic. If Victoria felt uncomfortable, she would just try to muster up the courage to refuse.

"Certainly. I would do anything to help David." She replied, sitting up a bit straighter, now eager to hear what the favor might be.