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((An unpopular/unusual ship with my character that I love:

There’s not a lot of people that I ship Victoria with. Maybe Barnabas? Most love Barnabas/Angelique or Barnabas/Julia, so I suppose this is one of the more unpopular ships. Even if he only loves her because she resembles Josette, they’re nice together.)) 

mynameisvictoriawinters stumbled into the castle



"Yes, thank you!" Cogsworth called back. He stopped. "Yes," he said softer. "Thank you." Then he hobbled back out of the kitchen. 

"Thank you, mon cher,” Lumiere said. “It has been tough on all of us… To answer your question, being a candle is tough, but that goes without saying. It is very difficult to be… close to anyone. You see her?” He pointed to the featherduster who was dusting the floor. “That is Babette. We are involved, and our predicament has put a damper on our relationship.” He sighed. “But, we make do. Ah, yes, tea! Mrs. Potts!” 

A teatray skidded to a halt in front of Vicky where a teapot and chipped teacup where smiling at her. “Hello, dear! I am Mrs. Potts.” 

"I’m Chip!" Chip grinned. 

"You look chilled to the bone," she said with a soft smile. Mrs. Potts poured some tea into Chip. "Please, warm yourself up." 

Glancing over at the feather duster sadly, Victoria did not know what it was like to be in love, but understood how difficult it would be not being close to someone that you cared deeply about. “There is still some time left, another lost girl will come by sooner than later to possibly free you all from the curse.” She replied, trying to make the mood a bit more hopeful.

The talking tea cup and teapot still managed to surprise Vicky, even if she was already away of the curse.

"Hello Chip, my name is Victoria. Thank you very much for your hospitality, I really am grateful. I have a feeling that a storm will hit soon." Taking a sip out of the teacup a bit awkwardly, she had never drank out of anything that was alive before. 


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Will the ‘real’ Victoria Winters please stand-up!


Will the ‘real’ Victoria Winters please stand-up!

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((Thank you so much! That really means a lot!)) 

Angelique & Victoria - No Introductions Necessary.-


Angelique fought not to burst out laughing as the innocent little Victoria accepted her help. God she’s more desperate than I thought, Angelique thought to herself, and she fought the continuing bile that was rising in her throat. She wanted to be nowhere near the sap. But unfortunately if she was going to get Barnabas she was going to have to take it. A fake smile curved on her lips as she interlinked her arm with Victoria’s.

“We can go to my office, I can cancel my prior engagements when this is clearly important.” She said softly. Seeing Victoria was going to begin to protest Angelique quickly stopped her. “I take the residents’ of Collinsport’s happiness very seriously, and as head of the town council I feel a responsibility and duty as both an upstanding member and friend to help.” She told her softly, fighting the urge to roll her eyes as they began to walk up to Angel Bay. Angelique remained silent, she had to be very careful in what she had to say or else she could blow everything she was trying to do.

When they finally got to the confinements of her office she shut the door and locked it, calling her assistant and ordering her to cancel everything for the day before placing her focus back on Victoria. She glanced at her and sized her up within seconds. She was pretty she supposed in a conventional sort of way. She had the hair that flicked, and those big brown eyes that resembled an innocent deer. In fact, that was the word she would use to describe her. Innocent.

“Please…sit down.” She offered to the couch, and poured her a glass of water and picked up the tissues from her desk before coming to sit beside her. “Now, you’ve only just arrived at Collinsport, and have not even been here a week and you are already upset, surely there must be some explanation for this…homesick perhaps?” she asked, though she already knew exactly what had happened. She had read Victoria’s memories in seconds and had seen what had happened and how Barnabas had truly revealed herself.

“Maybe not… New York is an awfully big place… I understand you are living with the Collins family? Well…they are wonderful people, I admire them so much,” she lied through her teeth but if she could make Victoria believe that the Collins were speaking awful lies about her, and that she was actually a wonderful person she could take them down once and for all. “I stopped by to greet the newest arrival…Barny? Brandon…No no…Barnabas I believe?” she asked, feigning innocence. “It must be wonderful to have distant family arriving…” she trailed off, and at the mention of Barnabas Victoria had burst into tears once again. Angelique hurriedly passed her a tissue, dabbing her eyes would possibly be a step too far.

“Oh I’m so sorry…” she said, pretending to be truly angry at herself. “Is he the one who has upset you?” she asked in a nervous stammer, though she was thoroughly enjoying upsetting the woman.  “I did not know…” she added wringing her hands, she could be just as innocent as Victoria, an act of course, but she could most definitely do it.

How kind Angelique was to cancel her current plans to just help a depressed, lonely and now confused governess. No wonder the town adored her. Was the Collins family wrong? That wouldn’t seem to be a first, but she did not entirely want to betray them. Trying to seem strong was obviously not going well, but she still kept her guard up.

Barnabas. Why did Angie have to say that name? The tears that Victoria believed had stopped began to fall again, crying hysterically as all of the terrible memories occurred. At least back in the asylum, back when she was just Maggie Evans, she had nothing to look forward to except an escape route. 

Barnabas had been so kind and understanding to her, now would her secret get released to the family after she had revealed it to him? There were just too many questions that needed answers. Angelique was still a stranger, but a bit of the truth had to come out. After all, here was a kind woman willing enough to do whatever it took to help Victoria out. 

"Would you believe me if I said that I’m not Victoria Winters?" She managed to choke out, weeping quietly now to herself. "My parents left me somewhere when I was younger. My past was terrible, and I changed my identity to move here in search for a happier life. Barnabas was keeping secrets from me and ruined it." 

➋ a happy birthday card

Dear Jack,

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Barnabas informed me that you two know each other, and any friend of Mr.Collins is a friend of mine. I have yet to meet you, but I do hope that you visit Collinwood soon. I’ve heard some surreal stories and are eager to find out if they are true.

Love, Miss Victoria Winters. 

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